How to Create a myGov Account & Link to ATO

Linking your myGov account to the ATO to manage your tax and super affairs online is easy when you follow these steps below!




  1. Go to and select ‘Create an account.’
  2. Read the terms of use, then select ‘I agree to continue.’
  3. Enter an email address only you will use and select ‘Next.’
  4. myGov will email you a confirmation code.
  5. Enter the code.
  6. And select ‘Next.’
  7. Enter your mobile number to receive security codes via SMS when you sign-in to your account.
  8. myGov will send you a confirmation code via SMS.
  9. Enter the code and select ‘Next.’
  10. You’ll now be asked to create a password.
  11. And select ‘Next.’
  12. Choose and answer three secret questions.

You now have a myGov account.

Your myGov username will be emailed to you.

Keep it somewhere safe for future reference, but you will also have the choice to use your email address or mobile phone number to log in.

Once you have a myGov account, you can link to the ATO’s online services.



  1. Now, navigate to the Services page.
  2. On the list of member services, find ‘Australian Taxation Office’ and select to start the linking process.
  3. You will need to agree to myGov storing your legal name and date of birth.
  4. You will now need to provide additional information to identify your ATO record. You need to confirm your identity by answering a series of questions specific to you.
  5. This will include providing your tax file number, given name, surname and date of birth.
  6. Enter information carefully and accurately so that it will match your details held by the ATO.
  7. If your details have changed since you last dealt with the ATO, you will need to update them before you can complete the link. Visit and search for ‘updating your details.’
  8. Read and agree to the terms and conditions and select ‘Next.’
  9. You will also need to answer two questions – specific to you – from information contained in:
    • a notice of assessment received in the last five years
    • a PAYG payment summary received in the last two years
    • a super account statement from the last five years
    • a dividends statement from the last two years
    • a Centrelink payment summary from the last two years
    • or, your bank account details. If you choose to use your bank account to confirm your identity, it must be an account you had your individual income tax refund paid into last year, or one that has earned interest in the last two years.

Be sure to have this information at hand.

If you are a first time lodger, you will need to call ATO call centre to get a unique linking code to help you complete this process.

If you receive an error message at any time, take note of the error code and follow the link provided in the error message for more information.

Once you’ve finished answering these questions, you’re done.

You have successfully linked your myGov account to your ATO record.

And that’s it. You can now manage your tax and super affairs online in ATO online.